wedding picture checklist

wedding picture checklist

Below is a sample checklist that helps us and you stay organized the day of your wedding.

You can download a copy here.


 It is beneficial for us to know how many people we are photographing during the scheduled shooting time.
 Let us know about your family structure and any tensions we should avoid, such as divorces, deaths and any other special family situations.
 It is very important to capture friends and relatives that have come from out of town. They probably don’t make it out here that often, and it is important to capture the memories.
 We tend to keep the shot list limited to the scheduled time for traditional photos. We try to capture your day as it unfolds.
 Designate someone to help us. We need to have someone assist us who is familiar with your important guests and family members. You will undoubtedly be caught up in the action of your wedding day, so designate someone in advance to help us identify important people.



 Mother helping bride put on veil
 Bride zipping/buttoning up dress
 Bride looking in mirror
 Bride putting on makeup
 Bride looking thoughtfully out a window
 Bride putting on garter
 Bride – Full Length
 Bride – Half Length
 Bride – Close Up
 Bride with father putting on necklace
 Bride with father kissing her forehead/cheek
 Bride pinning on father’s boutonniere
 Bride with father
 Bride with mother
 Bride with Both Parents
 Bride with Grandparents
 Bride with sisters
 Bride with brothers
 Bride with immediate family
 Bride with Maid/Matron of Honor
 Bride with Maid/Matron of Honor
 Individual shots of each attendant
 Bride & flower girl/ring bearer
 Bride arriving at the church


 Groom – Full Length
 Groom – Half Length
 Groom – Close Up
 Groom putting on tie
 Groom with mother
 Groom with father
 Groom with Parents
 Groom with Grandparents
 Groom with sisters
 Groom with brothers
 Groom with Immediate Family
 Groom & Best Man
 Groom & Groomsmen 


We photograph the Wedding Ceremony as it happens using a documentary style.


 Couple Kissing
 Bride Alone
 Groom Alone
 Couple – Full Length
 Couple – Half Length
 Couple – Close Up
 Couple “gazing” at each other
 Couple looking out window
 Couple holding hands
 Couple on front steps of the church
 Wedding Party on front steps of the church
 Couple – Groom on his knees
 Close – up of rings, flowers, napkin
 Couple with Bride’s parents/grandparents
 Couple with Groom’s parents/grandparents
 Couple w/Bride’s extended family
 Couple w/Groom’s extended family
We photograph the Reception as it happens using a documentary style and typically capture the various moments that occur and take numerous candid shots.



 Close up (or scan) of invitation
 Close up of bouquet
 Close up of wedding and grooms cakes
 Bride or Groom with special friends
 Bride or Groom with special relatives
 The Getaway Car
 Picture of band or DJ

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