B Twins {Tiny Footprints Project} {Gwinnett Medical NICU} {Roswell Photographer}

B Twins {Tiny Footprints Project} {Gwinnett Medical NICU} {Roswell Photographer}

There is nothing as nerve wracking when you are a mom of a new tiny baby, then to have your baby(ies) in the NICU. I am always looking for ways to give back and use one of the best things I feel I have to give, my talent and time. I joined an organization called The Tiny Footprints Project which is essentially a group of volunteer photographers who will go into the NICU to document this time in your child’s life. Some of these babies, such as the B twins were born at about 28 weeks, have to be fighters. It’s great to be able to record these whirlwind moments for the parents and babies. If you know someone who has babies in the NICU or work with staff in the NICU, let them know about the service The Tiny Footprints Project provides and we’ll get a photographer in touch with the parents. If you are a photographer and are willing to donate your time, contact them and start the approval process!

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